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Successful Recoveries for our Clients

The following is a sample of cases that we have successfully resolved for our clients in the amount of $250,000 or greater in the last few years. The limited content is in order to protect our clients’ privacy. Many of the settlements we have achieved for our clients are confidential in nature and cannot be disclosed to the public. However, we have compiled the following representative list of non-confidential settlements and verdicts. We are not disclosing any work product or privileged information.

$2,950,000 - Multiple procedures for a low back injury, including a spinal cord stimulator permanently implanted.

$460,000 - Wrongful death as a result of a highway design defect against Caltrans

$350,000 - Comminuted left tibia and fibula fractures with 100% displacement

$2,250,000 - Cervical spinal cord injury with acute central cord syndrome requiring a C3-C6 decompressive laminectomy, arthrodesis and posterior instrumentation with bone grafts and surgery for a left shoulder rotator cuff tear.

$325,000 - Multiple fractured ribs, dislocated right shoulder in an automobile accident

$455,000 - 4 fractures in left leg, including the ankle, tibia, fibula and knee.

$425,000 - Lumbar spine fusion L4-5 and L5-S1

$2,400,000 - Wrist fracture requiring 5 surgeries and a permanently shortened left arm

$800,000 - 2 Lumbar anterior fusions at L4-5 and L5-S1

$400,000 - Post-traumatic stress disorder and left hip total replacement due to an osteoarthritic condition aggravated in an auto accident

$2,000,000 - Fractured pelvis, fractured tibia requiring surgery and the placement of a metal rod and removal of spleen

$300,000 - Small posterior tear, disc protrusion/tear with mild facet arthropathy at L4-5 and L5-S1

$750,000 - Rear-end accident resulting in a spinal injury requiring steroid injections and a left hip labral tear.

$345,000 - Back and neck injuries with a cervical fusion surgery

$950,000 - Ankle dislocation and fractures resulting in 5 surgeries including a fusion

$325,000 - Bilateral knee injuries

$900,000 - Fractured pelvis, torn bladder, back injury, fractured left femur, crushed right leg and extensive nerve damage

$300,000 - Lumbar fusion L5-S1

$387,500 - Injuries to left elbow, right hip and left shoulder resulting in surgery

$450,000 - Neck, back, left shoulder injuries and 2 left arm surgeries,

$375,000 - Right knee surgery for a medial meniscus tear

$1,750,000 - Wrongful death

$320,000 - Partial left quadriceps tear

$500,000 - Left elbow and left shoulder surgeries

$355,000 - Lumbar disc displacement

$450,000 - Achilles rupture requiring 2 surgeries

$400,000 - Left knee meniscus tear with 2 surgeries

$460,000 - Herniated disc in low back with a fusion surgery

$250,000 - Left shoulder and arm injuries with 2 surgeries.

$268,750 - Passenger in a roll-over auto accident sustained wrist and finger fractures, post- concussive syndrome, bulging disc in spine and scarring

$280,000 - Non-surgical low back injury

$275,000 - Non-surgical back injury

$250,000 - Anterior cervical fusion at C6-7 because of a disc herniation compressing the spinal cord causing myelopathy

$275,000 - Surgical ankle injury

$250,000 - 2 level lumbar spine fusion

$525,000 - Deep puncture wound in right hand resulting in distinct reflex sympathetic dystrophy

$525,000 - Back injury requiring a fusion surgery, fractures to nose, both orbital bones and fractures to both tibias.

$250,000 - Left knee surgery for a torn medial meniscus

$290,000 - Disc protrusion L2-3, disc bulges at L4-5 and L5-S1

$250,000 - Low back injury resulting in chronic post-traumatic low back pain

$375,000 - Three thumb surgeries including a fusion

The Crow Law Offices are committed to achieving the best results for our clients. Keep in mind that the facts are never exactly the same in any two cases, and each case is as unique as the individuals who are the parties to a lawsuit. The results in each case will vary accordingly.

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