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Knowledge is Power

Education and knowledge substantially increase a personal injury victim's potential to be fairly compensated.

Personal injury law is designed to protect you if you are injured or harmed due to another's act or failure to act.   Negligence is the basis for liability in the majority of personal injury cases, but personal injury cases may also be based on strict liability or intentional misconduct.  Regardless of the basis, every type of personal injury claim has two basic issues: liability and damages. If you can prove liability and damages, you can get compensated for your losses from the individual or entity that is legally responsible for your personal injuries.

Valuable Help Until You Retain Legal Counsel :

The following sections will help provide basic information to help an injury victim understand the legal process, terminology and important steps to take following an injury. This information is to merely provide a basic understanding and is not exhaustive or a substitute for getting legal advice from a personal injury attorney.

Crow Law Offices - Quick Information Section I - A Quick Introduction

I - Quick Introduction:  This section provides general information about some common terms and what to expect from the insurance companies.

Crow Law Offices - Quick Information Section II - Critical Information

II - Critical Information:  This section provides information that is important for anyone who has been involved in a personal injury accident to know.

Understanding Some of the Basics :

Crow Law Offices - Quick Information Section III - Negligence Overview

III - Negligence Overview:  This section provides a general overview of the essential elements that the victim of a personal injury must prove in order to be awarded a financial recovery from the wrongdoer.

Crow Law Offices - Quick Information Section IV - Financial Damages

IV - Financial Damages:  This section provides an explanation of the types of damages a plaintiff may recover in a personal injury case, depending on the facts of the particular case.

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